2021 Festival Schedule

2021 Festival Schedule!

Opening Night

Friday, June 11, 2021

Welcome and Festival Kickoff. Live ZOOM Q&A with Casey Wilson!

7:00pm (Doors open at 6:15pm)
Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson is an actress, writer, director and podcaster. She can be seen in Apple TV’s upcoming limited series The Shrink Next Door, starring alongside Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd and in season three of Showtime’s Black Monday. She was recently featured in the HBO comedy Mrs. Fletcher, opposite Kathryn Hahn. Casey was a featured player on Saturday Night Live for two seasons and a series regular on the sitcoms Marry Me and the critically acclaimed Happy Endings. Casey’s recent television credits include Atypical, Tig Notaro’s Amazon series One MississippiCurb Your Enthusiasm, and Black-ish. Film credits include Gone GirlThe Disaster ArtistAlways Be My Maybe and Julie and Julia.

Alongside her longtime collaborator, June Diane Raphael, Wilson co-wrote and co-stars in the movie Bride Wars as well as the movie Ass Backwards, which premiered at Sundance.

Together with Danielle Schneider, Casey co-hosts the cult favorite podcast, Bitch Sesh, which was nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award in 2019.

Casey’s directorial debut, Daddio, which she also co-wrote and starred in, premiered at TIFF and South by Southwest in 2019.

Casey also has a new book out called “The Wreckage of My Presence“. We are thrilled to have Casey kickoff the festival and participate in a live Q&A without audience.

Friday Night Films

Short Film 7:45 pm

Uneatable” 0:13:18 Director Sophie King


Coming-of-age drama about a teenage girl in the 90s whose world changes when she meets a mysterious hit and run victim

Feature Film 8:00 pm

“The Hive”  1:30:00 Director Eylem Kaftan

Hive is Eylem Kaftan’s first feature film about a female beekeeper’s struggle with bees and a bear in the wild nature of the eastern black sea region of Turkey.

FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL HOUR: Stay after the movie and meet a local beekeeper and discuss the movie.


June 12, 2021

BLOCK 1 11:00 am – 12:30 pm If It’s Not One Thing, It’s your Mother

Look At What Love Can Do” 0:00:54 Director Kelly Greenheart


A 360 time-lapse of a woman’s entire pregnancy that’s both technically impressive and heartwarming, as her body transforms to welcome a baby into a miraculous being

Since Time Immemorial” 0:13:57 Directors Jeanne Delafosse , Clary Demangeon


13 women’s divergent voices. These voices wonder, interrogate, criticize in all seriousness and humor, the conditions of child labor in France.

ECCE MATER” 0:14:40 Director Valentina Tomada

This is the mother. Whose love is able to perform miracles.

Still Trying” 0:11:00 Director Nicole N. Nequinto

Alex is finally ready to move out of the house. That is, until her recently divorced mother breaks down after hearing her wedding

NC Premiere

Detach” 0:13:47 Director Frankie Ingrassia


Denied a girls’ night out, Sophia, a teenage influencer, pushes the limits of the mother-daughter relationship as she attempts to DETACH.

Through The Wall” 0:20:00 Director Larissa Corriveau


Edmond, the only child of Jacques and Marie, lives in a world without words, a situation which slowly creates a breach in the heart of the family home. Diving into the depths of her despair, Marie discovers the surprising universe hidden in her son’s silence.

Love & Joy” 0:14:42 Director Michelle Bossy


After dropping her daughter off at her ex-husband’s for Christmas, a loving Mom searches for joy in her absence.

BLOCK 2: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm DAM! (dance, animation and musicals)

After the Reign: Confusion” 0:01:00 Director Jennifer Scully-Thurston

*****Filmmaker will be in attendance******NC Filmmaker. This is a one minute dance film interpretation of a woman experiencing the confusing and schizophrenic nature of loss. Confronting many versions of herself and the beginning of the healing process.

A Very Bad Day” 0:03:29 Director Sian Carry


A colourful, quirky silent film that follows a young woman who, after a very bad day, learns how important a random act of kindness can be.

Spotlight” 0:03:43 Director L. Ash

NC Filmmaker: Spotlight is an animated music video exploring fame and celebrity in the volatile age of social media

Winter” 0:05:10 Erika Edwards, Kristi Ray

NC Filmmaker: An elderly woman receives a visit from the memory of her past self while she prepares for a snowy evening in her woodland cabin.

Shockley” 0:01:56 Director Lily Frame

NC Filmmaker: Shockley is a single take long (duration) shot recorded on a Bolex 16mm camera and, later, hand-processed. It was created in honor of “Look for Circle Day,” and ritualizes, by means of light and movement, the profound and transcendent notion of the circle.

The Split” 0:13:43 Director Laura Lewis-Barr

East Coast Premiere

**Filmmaker will be in attendance*** Amy and Sam split up as the USA splits into two nations.

Two Different Kinds of Love” 0:05:45 Director Alyce Vest

****Filmmaker will be in attendance****NC Filmmaker: A little girl is excited to discover more about her adoption story

Good Intentions” 0:08:34 Director Anna Mantzaris

After a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things starts to happen… A small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.

The Story of Ice” 0:09:18 Director Francoise Doherty

NC Premiere

**TW: Sexual Assault*** It’s a story of love that happens in a dark place. It’s the story of a mother and two young daughters when violence hits. The horrific yet magical tale is full of hope.

Fowl Crossing” 0:05:10 Director Nancy Snipper


When colorful birds from all over the world land at the border crossing of a fictitious country, they get hit with a slew of insults by the two nasty vulture guards, and are denied entry. Prejudice is in the air. A comedic parody on a serious subject.

Out of Line” 0:15:46 Director Alicia Maye


In this surreal opera, a woman struggles to uphold the protective shield of her public identity when the many hidden and repressed facets of her personality come together to plan a mutiny.

BLOCK 3: 4:00 pm – 5:45 pm It’s Complicated

Egg Party” 0:09:46 Director Kersti Bryan

In late spring, six powerhouse women gather in a Brooklyn apartment for a not-so-sober egg decorating party to support one of their own struggling with fertility. As the afternoon unfolds, the strength of their laughter and friendship creates new birth.

Volcano” 0:10:30 Director Karen Moore

This razor-sharp two-hander sees two longtime friends meet up for drinks at a tiki bar, only to find themselves in a bidding war for attention, with some telling omissions.

1NS” 0:09:06 Directors Fiona Campbell, Ella Exley


It’s the near future and a one night stand for two Londoners, Jamie and Milo, turns into a bittersweet date inside a safe room, after a routine government lockdown causes the partygoers to spend the day together

Paola Makes A Wish” 0:07:50 Director Zhannat Alshanova

NC Premiere

On an ordinary day at work, Paola starts to feel that she is missing out something exciting in her life.

Mermaid Bathtub” 0:03:39 Director Katherine Howard

US Premiere

****Filmmaker will be in attendance*****NC Filmmaker. A couple shops for a bathtub; their relationship unravels right before our eyes.

Zoe & Bryn” 0:25:00 Director Maura Smith


Two young women meet and over the course of one evening develop a connection that neither was expecting.

Eighteen” 0:15:00 Directors Natasha Ketel, Rosie Robinson


After a summer apart, best friends Anna and Sophie reunite to recognise the true value of their friendship..

Luce & Me” 0:10:00 Director Isabella Salvetti


A 10-year-old boy is in the car with his roman and romanist father. They’re late, the radio broadcasts the Rome-Lazio derby. The boy wears the costume of a cartoon heroine and fears that he won’t arrive in time for a very special appointment..

BLOCK 4: 6:15 pm – 7:45 pm Nailbiters

Wampus” 0:03:57 Director Molly E. Smith


A young girl’s imagination runs wild when her mother tells her of the family legend.

Possessive Nature” 0:04:00 Director Rachael Silberman


***ALL CAST AND CREW ARE FROM NC, Filmmaker will be in attendance****When a professional vlogger goes hiking solo after a breakup, there’s more than bad memories stalking her in the woods.

Sheep Will Devour Us” 0:10:00 Directors Mostafa Rostampour, Atefeh Rezayan

The story of the life of a girl called “Tahereh” who is the victim of a premature marriage .Now she wants to prevent her sister ” Khatereh” from repeating those bitter memories.

In Case We Get Found” 0:05:10 Director Sarah Young


***Filmmaker will be in attendance*****Three strangers scramble into a bathroom to hide from an outside threat. Together they confront their worst fears and make plans to survive the next ten minutes; the typical length of a mass shooting event.

Quiet On Set” 0:07:46 Director Jeanette Buck


An actress assaulted on a film set during the filming of a sex scene, must choose whether to pursue accusations or complete the film that could start her career.

The Pond, At Night” 0:14:43 Director Olivia Boudreau


Returning to the pond of their childhood, two sisters abandon themselves to a game they used to
play. In the heart of the forest and alongside the aquatic life of the pond, their reunion will lead to
a disturbing confession.

I Am Normal” 0:19:40 Director Olia Oparina


****Filmmaker will be in attendance****A sane woman fakes the symptoms of a mentally unstable patient in order to be admitted into a mental institution for a secret psychiatric experiment.

Cuckoo” 0:15:54 Director Vanessa Hehir


A family in turmoil through a cheating husband, creates more skeletons and ghosts than meets the eye.

JOIN US FOR THE SATURDAY NIGHT NEW ORLEANS THEMED AFTER PARTY! Tickets are on sale now and include Live Music by Danica Fletcher & Food by T’Geaux Boys in Jengo’s Backyard! 8-10 pm



June 13, 2021

BLOCK 5: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm All In The Family

Doll” 0:01:54 Director Kimia Kazemi

a man and his daughter are waiting in their car…

A Skeleton in the Closet” 0:11:20 Director Eugenia Marouli


A family discuss well-hidden secrets, which lead to both internal and external conflicts. At the end, the skeleton is out of the closet. 

Shirley & Jane” 0:10:00 Director Laura Thurlow


 A ten-minute heartfelt story about tricky mothers, stressed-out daughters and competitive diving

The Music Video” 0:13:54 Director Camille Poirier


In order to be in her older brother’s music video, Clara, a 13-year-old tomboy, agrees to undergo a radical change of style.

Banana Pudding” 0:04:12 Director Carly Carter


****Filmmaker will be in attendance***** NC Filmmaker. An exploration of a relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter through a recollection of childhood memories and art.

The Orphan” 0:15:00 Director Carolina Markowicz

Jonathas has been adopted but then returned due to his ‘different’ way. Inspired by true events

Caroline” 0:04:30 Directors Sabrina Lee, Olivia Auld

A woman struggling with homelessness and addiction finds strength and purpose in art.

Outlander” 0:28:46 Director ZHU Weijie

In a village opposite the island city of Xiamen, there lives a not so ordinary family of three: a sixty-year-old grandma, a mentally handicapped mother, and a granddaughter of fifth grade.

BLOCK 6: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Might As Well Laugh

The Last Touch” 0:04:24 Director Melissa Mars


A young couple struggles to keep their love alive in a world where technology has replaced intimacy, and human touch is deadly.

Quarantined” 0:08:00 Director Lindsay Henefer


NC Filmmaker. QUARANTINED! follows four unlikely friends stuck together during a global pandemic and the harsh realities they have to face. 

TAMU (The Guests)” 0:14:51 Director Azalia Muchransyah


As an example of the success Indonesian diaspora, a group of film students come to make a short documentary about Novi, an Indonesian woman who is married to an American man and opens a small batik shop in downtown Buffalo, NY. At the same time, two Indonesian women come to the shop and interrupted the film shoot. Things turn sour when prejudices are slowly revealed.

Two Weeks Notice” 0:08:35 Director Melanie Thompson


A man gives his girlfriend two weeks notice before ending their relationship.

Annuler” 0:12:36 Director Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen


****Filmmaker in Attendance*****When two roommates make a wish, their desires turn into reality, but not in the way they expected. Always remember: What’s the safe word?

Gastropod” 0:18:11 Director Allison Bergman

Theatrical Screening Premiere

The Rice Family’s home renovation is stalled when an odd and mysterious discovery is uncovered on their property.

A Broken-Hearted Solstice” 0:12:22 Director Fanny Lefort


A professional mascot named Fauve gets dumped on the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year.

BLOCK 7: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm I Am Who I Am

And She Rose” 0:06:03 Director Carly Krieg


A character piece that revisits two women’s past with eating disorders & the journey they’ve taken toward healing themselves & other women. 

Afro” 0:11:22 Director Jenn Shaw


After multiple encounters with her bully and a little academic inspiration, an African-American teen girl finally stands up for herself against classmates that question her cultural identity.

Roseline Like In The Movies” 0:14:45 Director Sara Bourdeau


Roseline is a major actress. While she is about to play the biggest role of her prolific career, fiction and reality interlace.

Zoe In Review” 0:14:55 Director Stacey Larkins

An emotionally fractured woman examines her past in search of answers for her present entanglement.

Youth on BLM” 0:14:28 Director Ayana Ahuja

Youth on BLM interviews 6 high school age girls on The Black Lives Matter movement, providing a young perspective on what BLM is, what it’s trying to achieve, and how one can help. Created in the midst of the pandemic

It’s Nothing” 0:16:22 Director Anna Maguire

Recent graduate, Robin, returns to her parents’ house and obsessively starts to dig a hole,
encouraged by an impossibly perfect girl; but as she digs, she heads further down a path of self-

Take and Run” 0:30:00 Director Maria Brendle


A young Kyrgyz woman is kidnapped and forced to marry. A drama about the desire for
freedom in the clutches of a tradition.