About CSIFF & WilmFFilm

WilmFFilm was born in 2014 from a desire to gather and provide support to local, like-minded women interested in film and the art of filmmaking. Rebecca Busch’s passion for telling stories and for supporting the creative process of other women storytellers inspired her to co-create WilmFFilm. While less than 10% of all films are made by women, the collective seeks to support all aspects of filmmaking and offers educational workshops to help sharpen the skills necessary to realize cinematic visions and expand women’s contributions to filmmaking. Some of WilmFFilm’s past filmmaking workshops facilitated by industry professionals focused on fundraising for artistic projects; shooting and editing a movie with iPhones and DSLRs; and working with sound equipment.

In 2016, WilmFFilm gave birth to Cinema Sisters International Film Festival (CSIFF) to celebrate female screenwriters and directors and to provide additional opportunities for them to showcase their work. Sister filmmakers are asked to share their completed short films of any genre (narratives, documentaries, animation, etc.), that are no longer than thirty minutes and that are directed by women.

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